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[[Category:Developer Challenges]]
Recent and upcoming operating systems will have built-in support for application-level metadata. See [http://developer.gnome.org/arch/file/metadata.html Gnome], [http://msdn.microsoft.com/longhorn/understanding/pillars/winfs/default.aspx?pull=/msdnmag/issues/04/01/WinFS/default.aspx Vista], and [http://www.apple.com/macosx/tiger/searchtechnology.html Tiger]. How can Creative Commons take advantage of these technologies to enable CC-aware search and applications on the next generation desktop? Wanted: research briefs on how to expose CC license info for objects in each major OS or framework.  Support for the external metadata files should be included.
* [[GnomeMockUps | Mock-Ups of License Chooser for Gnome]]
* [[KDEMockUps | Mock-Ups of License Chooser for KDE]]
One really strong approach would be to add support for CC licensing and metadata through various [http://fuse.sourceforge.net/ FUSE-based filesystems] (which are in user space). FUSE is used to make the ever-cool gmailfs. By taking this approach one could make quick services to archive.org, flickr, etc.
* [[SugarMockUps | Mock-Ups of Sugar License Chooser]]
* [[OpenMokoMockUps | Mock-Ups of License Chooser for Open Moko]]
== Implementations ==
* Please add your implementation here :)
== Examples ==
'''These are examples of what would be possible with lovely nice operating system support for metadata.'''
Inkscape Mockup: Save dialog in compact mode with Metadata and License Selector
Inkscape Mockup: Save dialog in expanded with example document metadata expanded.
Inkscape Mockup: Save dialog expanded with example license selector expanded
GIMP Mockup: Save Dialog Expanded with Metadata and License Selector
Publish Dialog: This is the holy grail to be able to publish content from the save/publish dialog to different services on the web
Open Dialog: This open dialog can use a local hard drive or services to open files/documents.
== TODO ==
* Please add your TODO here :)

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