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A Creative Commons Add-in for would allow license information to be embedded in Writer, Impress and Calc documents.


  • Use the Creative Commons web services to display a licensing dialog and generate licensing information
    • available for Python
    • available for Java
    • can be encapsulated as an uno service if needed
  • Store license URI, properties and/or RDF in the document file
    • OOo user defined metadata can be used (metadata renamed and string stored)
  • Insert license declaration text
    • What about languages ?
    • Possibly in a hidden section ?

Desirable Features

  • Make license text available as Auto Text. Just like a page number or "Author" auto text, this could be inserted in the footer of a document. If the license for the document was updated, the text would be updated as well.
    • translation ?
  • Educational component (wizard) assists people in selecting appropriate license types for their desires
  • Display license information when opening CC licensed documents


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