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This page details Creative Commons and the Creative Commons Community's involvement in the One Laptop Per Child project. Please help by editing this wiki page, jumping onto the cc-community mailing list and the #cc on irc.freenode.net chat channel.


Open Content Portal

  • website
  • focused on children (and other users)
  • allows both upload/download

Find and Publish Mechanism

  • Software on device enables find and publish
  • Develop GTK-based license chooser that hooks into desktop as control panel
    • Idea is for this to be skinned with sugar and put in so that each user on a system might select the default license
  • Develop KDE-based license chooser
  • Allows for proper licensing (although, how does one explain this to kids?)

Mock-Ups of Sugar License Chooser Mock-Ups of License Chooser for KDE Mock-Ups of License Chooser for Gnome Mock-Ups of License Chooser for Open Moko

Pre-existing Content

  • Get all content on the device licensed with CC licenses
  • Get all documentation and printed matter CC licensed


  • Teaching materials about relevant issues, although the relevance and complexity to users of OLPC makes this debatable