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This OER portal is no longer being updated. Please visit http://creativecommons.org/education for CC's current projects and activities in open education.

The Internet and digital technologies have transformed how people learn. Educational resources are no longer static and scarce, but adaptable and widely available, allowing educational institutions, teachers, and learners to actively participate in a global exchange of knowledge via Open Educational Resources (OER).

What is OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning materials that are freely available to use, remix, and redistribute.

Finding OER

Find sources of OER or learn more about issues in OER search and discovery.

Resources about OER

Browse or add to our wiki-database of resources about OER. There are {{#arraydefine: resourcesum|{{#ask:|format=count}}}}{{#arrayprint: resourcesum}} resources in the database.

OER Policy Registry

Creative Commons and OER

Creative Commons provides the legal and technical infrastructure essential to the long-term success of OER, making it possible for educational resources to be widely accessible, adaptable, interoperable, and discoverable.

OER Case Studies

Open education is a global movement. CC licenses and tools have been developed in consultation with legal experts and CC affiliate institutions in over 70 jurisdictions. Over 365 million CC-licensed works have been published by their authors on the Internet, a few of which are represented in our OER Case Studies. You can add your project here.

Contribute to this wiki

Find out how you can contribute edits and content to the OER Project on this wiki.