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  cost=$5 / month|

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Registry Information
URL: http://numly.com | (none) }}
CC-only portal: ccportal:: | (none) }}
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cost:=$5 / month }}
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[[sizeLimit:={{{sizeLimit}}}]] }}
[[onlineRegistration:={{{onlineRegistration}}}]] }}
[[serialNumbers:={{{serialNumbers}}}]] }}
[[documentStorage:={{{documentStorage}}}]] }}
[[sha1hashing:={{{sha1hashing}}}]] }}
[[onlineVerification:={{{onlineVerification}}}]] }}
[[allRightsReserved:={{{allRightsReserved}}}]] }}
[[printedCertficates:={{{printedCertificates}}}]] }}
[[orphanWorksProtection:={{{orphanWorksProtection}}}]] }}
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[[metricsTracking:={{{metricsTracking}}}]] }}
[[proofOfIdentity:={{{proofOfIdentity}}}]] }}
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Numly assigns Numly Numbers (Electronic Serial Numbers / ESNs) for all things digital. These unique identifiers provide third-party, non-repudiation measures for proof of copyright via submission timestamps and digital fingerprints and real-time verifications. The unique identifiers enable rights statements to be associated with digital content by assigning a new Numly Number and copyright license to each copy of a digital asset at the time of distribution. Numly Numbers can also be used for tracking online views of a document (esns, timestamps, and IP addresses) since the "n" logo in the html generated code makes a call back to our servers on every display of the number. The Numly portal offers real-time metrics reporting of content views including: ratings, hits, IP addresses, and aging.

Creators of CC licenses (and All Rights Reserved licenses) use Numly to register their digital works online. Once registered, content can be searched online by copyright license, content text, and/or keywords/tags. Orphan works are also protected through our digital fingerprints. Authors/Artists can be identified by uploading a digital work with a matching digital fingerprint and can be contacted via our secure message center. Numly Numbers can be generated via our online portal, FireFox plugin, WordPress plugin, Apple widget, open APIs, and hopefully CC Publish soon. Numly Numbers also can serve as permalinks (go.numly.com/esn), organized home pages consisting of all published works (numly.com/userid), online verification (verify.numly.com/esn), RSS feeds (rss.numly.com/userid), and fight against splogging since they are not stripped out of infringing content.

Numly Number: 84110-061014-12440-790