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|country code=no
|country code=no
|mailing list=http://mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no/mailman/listinfo/cc-no-referansegruppe
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|plead2=Legal Project Lead: Olav Torvund
|plead2=Legal Project Lead: Olav Torvund
|plead3=Local Cloudberry Project Lead: Thomas Gramstad
|plead3=Affiliate Inst. Contact: Tore Hoel
|plead4=Affiliate Inst. Contact: Tore Hoel
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*[http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/international/no/translated-license.pdf License draft] (PDF).
*[http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/international/no/translated-license.pdf License draft] (PDF).
*[http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/international/no/english-changes.pdf English explanation of substantive legal changes] (PDF).
*[http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/international/no/english-changes.pdf English explanation of substantive legal changes] (PDF).
*[mailto:cc-no-referansegruppe@mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no Post a message].
*[http://mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no/mailman/listinfo/cc-no-referansegruppe Subscribe to the discussion].
*[http://mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no/mailman/private/cc-no-referansegruppe/ Read the discussion archives].
=More about Oslo University College=
=More about Oslo University College=

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Other URLs

Most Recent License Version
Affiliated Institution
Oslo University College (OUC) (NGO, academic institution)

Public Project Lead: Gisle Hannemyr
Country Code

Visit the jurisdiction's website. The Creative Commons Norway license suite is available in the following version. License your work under these licenses, or choose the international licenses. More info.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with the Oslo University College to create jurisdiction-specific licenses for Norway from the “unported” Creative Commons licenses.

CC Norway List

Legal Project Lead: Olav Torvund Public Project Lead: Gisle Hannemyr

More about Oslo University College

Creative Commons’ affiliate institution in Norway is Oslo University College (OUC).

Oslo University College is a young, dynamic institution based on strong traditions. It was established in 1994 when the Norwegian college system was restructured and 18 smaller colleges in the Oslo area merged.

Oslo University College offers the broadest portfolio of professional studies available in Norway. OUC is a dynamic institution based on strong traditions in professional education and research. With 11,000 students, OUC are the fourth largest educational institution in Norway.

Oslo University College has more than 50 academic degrees in the following areas: Business Administration, Engineering, Fine Art, Design and Drama, Health Sciences, Media Studies, Social Sciences, and Teacher Education.

CC Norway Roadmap

  • Date submitted: December 17, 2010
  • Jurisdiction: CC Norway
  • Timespan of this roadmap: One year

Team Information

  • Public Project Lead: Gisle Hannemyr, lecturer (comp. sci.), University of Oslo
  • Legal Project Lead: Olav Torvund, dr. juris and professor (law), University of Oslo
  • Local Cloudberry Project Lead: Thomas Gramstad, Elektronisk Forpost Norge
  • Affiliate Inst. Contact: Tore Hoel, Oslo University College (official affiliate institution).

The jurisdiction project was set up in 2004 and an MOU was signed by Oslo University College (HiO) on March 18, 2006 to carry out the license porting and translation.


Creative Commons Norway was set up for the explicit purpose of porting and translating the six core licenses. The translation of licenses was completed in June 2008. The team also work om translation of the associated deeds and supporting web pages such as the license chooser. We have also translated the CC public domain tools. All translations are actively maintained on Transifex with Gisle Hannemyr as coordinator.

Currently, the project team engange in various outreach activities such as:

  • giving presentations at relevant venues and events on demand (lectures, festivals, schools, media, businesses etc.).
  • extending the group of volunteers surrounding CC Norway in order to increase activity level and create a larger CC community in Norway.
  • participating in the Nordic Cloudberry Project set up by Jonas Öberg of the Swedish Society for Free Culture and Software.
  • promoting correct use of the licenses by writing friendly letters explaining proper attribution and other points to local media using CC licensed material incorrectly.

Our main channel of communication with the public is our website, which underwent a major redesign in 2010, replacing an aging home-made CMS with Drupal. The new website is designed to engage the public in dialogue, and will allow registered users to post comemnts and guest editorial content directly on the site.


One of the notable artists in Norway that uses CC in his work is Rolf Gerstlauer. The The White Cube Remix that was part of an exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Oslo's RAM Galleri was a “sonic art” exhibition that featured a collaborative soundtrack created by 68 ccMixter community members.

Sustainability and Scalability

CC Norway commands very few resources and is currently not capable of having a high level of activity. We hope to recruit more people in the next year, but do not expect a huge boost in activity.

The CC Norway project does not have an account and is currently not engaged in any type of fundraising activity. The few modest expenses associated with maintaining the domain and website are paid by team members.

Travel costs associated with participation in the Cloudberry project are partly funded by refunds from Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic Culture Point.


CC Norway is participating in the public domain calculator project coordinated by Jonathan Gray of the Open Knowledge Foundation. We have submitted a copyright term note and flowchart to this project.

CC Norway is participating in the Cloudberry project. This is a regional outreach program in the Nordic countries organized primarily by FFKP (Föreningen fri kultur- och programvara) with Jonas Öberg as the main instigator. Each country has a local Cloudberry project lead. In Norway, this is Thomas Gramstad. The first Cloudberry workshop, titled “Some rights reserved for nordic artists“ was held in Göteborg, Sweden, 4. November 2010, and will be followed up by similar workshops in Reykjavík, Iceland, and Torshavn, Faroe Islands during 2011.


All the six core licenses has been translated into Norwegian (version 3.0). We also plan to translate any future releases of the core licenses. The teams have a presence on the Transifex translation site and actively maintain the translation into Norwegian of the license deeds, the CC public domain tools and the supporting web pages such as the license chooser and CC searh. All translations are actively maintained.