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* http://folktunes.org/
* http://folktunes.org/
* Featured vintage and other folk tunes to learn from the archive
* Featured vintage and other folk tunes to learn from the archive
=== Kissingtalk Radio ===
* [http://kissingtalk.com/ How To Kiss] Radio Podcast Network
=== reinesfreiland-media  ===
=== reinesfreiland-media  ===

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A list of music podcasts featuring exclusively CC licensed music (exception made for BSWC, which also features some music under other open licenses).

Full length regular radio/podcast programs

Black Sweater, White Cat

  • http://biotic.blogspot.com
  • Hosted by Biotic, with substantial help from Subsystem7
  • Two hour weekly program broadcast on WBCR-LP in western Massachusetts and KWMD in Kasiloff, Alaska
  • Broadcast to Podcast[1]
  • BSWC One-a-Day[2]


Top of the pods

The Back Room Music Podcast

Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast

  • http://reachingforlucidity.net
  • Podcast Feed : http://feeds.feedburner.com/ReachingForLucidty
  • Hosted by Eban Crawford w/ Senator Jaiz
  • 5 days a week featuring a different genre everyday
  • Started in early 2005
  • Schedule: Monday-Alternating Blues and Hip Hop, Tuesday- Attitude-Loud and Rude, Wednesday-Coffee House-Chill and Relaxing Tunes, Thursday-Rock-any form, Friday- The Juggernaut--Hard Rock and Metal

Podcast programs


The Revolution

Songs from the Commons

Trew, Free Audio

Open Metalcast

Music Manumit Podcast


  • http://CCHits.net
  • Show created via scripts after user voting. Site maintained by Jon Spriggs.
  • Daily Exposure Show, Weekly Round Up and Monthly Top Hits shows

Single song at a time podcasts

Curt Siffert's Piano Musings


  • http://indieish.com/cc365/
  • Hosted by Grant Robertson, Chris Campbell, Eric Ohara (Teru), Subsystem7 and Biotic
  • One song a day every day for 2006

Estúdio Livre

Flavio Tordini's satirical/political songs

Starfrosch Music Podcast

  • http://starfrosch.ch
  • Fresh CC sound sorted by genre. Every genre has its own podcast feed.
  • Artists are welcome to submit their songs

Tafelrunde Podcast

Uwe Hermann's Music Podcast

The Folk Tunes Archive

Kissingtalk Radio