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This is the space where a CC Mongolia Affiliate Road Map will be discussed and presented.

A workshop is taking place in Ulaanbaatar on April 17, 2012 hosted by the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) and UNESCO IITE.

Chiaki Hayashi from the CC Asia office will be a guest speaker at the April 17, 2012 event.

Z. Batbold of the DREAM IT Project, funded by the International Development Research Centre (Canada) will present a draft road map for a CC Mongolia Affiliate and will invite participation from university, government and NGO representatives who will be attending the workshop.

A national seminar on Open Educational Resources sponsored by DREAM IT and IDRC was held in Ulaanbaatar in October 2010.


In September 2011, a follow-up workshop on Open Data, Open Government and OER sponsored by IDRC and DREAM IT was also held.


At the 2011 workshop, two research projects funded by IDRC through DREAM IT presented some of the materials that each would make accessible as OER using CC licenses:  

Next steps:

On July 4, 2012 an organizational meeting to set up the CC Mongolia affiliate will take place at the Hotel Ulaanbaatar.