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'''NOTE: This project is NOT YET LIVE'''
This is the public page for the Media of the Week project, how to participate, and get your CC-licensed content noticed!
== HOWTO ==
# Contribute your media to the Wikimedia Foundation Media of the Day and/or Picture of the Day.
# Creative Commons licensed content will be selected from the Wikimedia Commons pages from past 7 days of the week on Wednesday of each week and posted to the main page.
# Help promote your Creative Commons licensed media everywhere!
== Developers ==
* If you'd like to contribute an automated way to harvest the media of the day or picture of the day from the Wikimedia Commons, then please do so so that this content can be automatically added as a draft to a standard wordpress installation. The main CC website uses wordpress, so any code to this aim would be useful in automating this process and making it directly use the democratic Wikimedia process rather than requiring a human at the end, like this initial process involves.
== People ==
* [[User:Andy Brooks|Andy Brooks]]
* [[User:Jon Phillips|Jon Phillips]]

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