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This page is for linking to CC-related media around the web. This is content that is about Creative Commons and/or created by Creative Commons for use by others. If you create any of your own CC-related works, please add them to this page.

This is media that is meant to evangelize CC and the CC-community!


  • Upload your media to sites that support Creative Commons!
  • Spread the Creative Commons media around the web (and add your links here)
  • Translate Creative Commons



ccMixter is a Creative Commons project based solely for sharing remixable, reusable sound samples under various Creative Commons licences.


  • CCVideos


For photos and CC-related images, please visit our flickr account and the CC flickr group.


For CC slideshows and presentations, please check out the following pages on

Promotional Posters

Posters that help explain CC and licensing.