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There are a variety of ways to mark audio. One option is an audio bumper – a brief sound clip at the beginning or end of your audio work that states the author(s) and CC license. If you record your own audio bumper, be sure to include the full URL to the license and/or the full name of the license (including version number). A copyright notice stating the author(s), date, and copyright should also be included.


  1. License: Let your audience know what license your work is under in one or more of these ways:
    1. CC Bumper: A sound clip at the beginning or end of your audio stating the license
      • Create your own CC audio bumper.
      • Browse user submitted bumpers.
    2. CC Marker: A graphic or line of text stating the license, next to the file (on a webpage) or in the liner notes (for physical media)
    3. Metadata: Machine-readable information embedded within the audio file that tells your computer and mp3 player what license a work is under. See Internal (Technical)
  2. Copyright Statement: A line of text or audio clip stating the author(s), date & copyright
    • May be part of the bumper and/or the marker
    • May be followed by "Some Rights Reserved"
    • example: © Name 2007, Some Rights Reserved


Sample Script

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under LICENSE.
© 2007, AUTHOR(S). Some Rights Reserved.

Other Examples

Creative Commons Podcast Plugs

Internal (Technical)