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Best Practices for Marking Content with CC Licensing

A CC license is only effective if others have a way of knowing about it. It is important to clearly mark your content so that others are aware of what permissions they have. One way to do this is to copy the code snippet from the license chooser and paste it into the HTML of your website. It is also recommended you display the license within the work itself, especially if your content will be shared online or displayed in a physical medium. Different types of content will have different limitations, but your mark should contain:

  1. The full URI (link) to the license. Example:
  2. Optionally, the Creative Commons license icons, including the CC logo.

NOTE: Because each CC license represents a different set of permissions and restrictions, it is important to note the specific license used. Displaying only the CC icon, “Creative Commons”, or “Some Rights Reserved” is insufficient; always include the full URL.

CC icons may be downloaded from the Press Kit. Markers and video bumpers are available and you can also make your own. You may also want to include a copyright notice stating the author(s) and date of creation. The phrase “Some Rights Reserved” may be used to differentiate from the default “All Rights Reserved” copyright notice. You may also choose to use the background color of the license for your mark.

In order for others to credit you for your work, it is preferable to provide an attribution name and URL. If your work is a derivative or remix, you must also properly attribute the original creator(s). Unless the creator(s) have specified otherwise, displaying their name(s) and a URL (if applicable) is adequate attribution.


See Also: Tagging

Marking Specific Media

Due to the constraints of various media, it is not always possible for your mark to include all of the above. For details on how to mark specific media, please select your medium:

Crediting Material in Your Work

It is also important to credit the Creative Commons licensed material in your work appropriately. In general it is best to have a list of what material you used with the material's title, author name, and license information with appropriate links from each piece of information. This can be done in many ways for each media type.

Crediting in Video

Adding the appropriate credit information to you videos could be as simple as a list of the works used at the end with their associated license. Eg:

This video features the following songs-

“Desaprendere (Treatment)” by fourstones, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

“Some Other Song” by fourstones, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

If possible it is desirable to make the title, author, and license a link the viewer can follow.

Crediting in Text

A similar format to the Video example above would be sufficient with the added ability to create links for text available online.

Crediting in Audio

If available online provide a "credit list" of material used and follow the above Text guidelines.

Crediting in Images

If available online provide a "credit list" of material used and follow the above Text guidelines.

Download Markers

More Technical

We also have a document about marking works that is more technical.

External Guides and Fact Sheets