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How to mark video work:
How to mark video work:
#; CC Bumper : A notice in the beginning or end of your video stating the license
#; CC Bumper : A notice in the beginning or end of your video stating the license
#* Download the official CC Bumper
#* Download the default CC Bumper
#* Create your own CC Bumper using these [[#Section BumperGuidelines | guidelines]]
#* Create your own CC Bumper using these [[#Section BumperGuidelines | guidelines]]
#* Browse [[user submitted bumpers]]
#* Browse [[user submitted bumpers]]

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This is a page about marking your work with CC licensing. If you are interested in this technically, please jump ahead.

Get a license from http://creativecommons.org/license/ -- the results page includes instructions for several common cases (e.g., web, offline). Graphical assets are available from http://creativecommons.org/presskit

Marking Info Basics

  • Normal CC license button icons (with the cc)
  • FULL URI to cc license
  • Background color like the normal human deeds (green -> yellow)
  • NOTE: Author, date and copyright statement should be added to this slide by author, and/or on another still.
    • author(s) & date
    • "Some rights reserved."

Standard Tagging

  • Best way to tag creativecommons licenses
  • tags: creativecommons, by-nc, 3.0
  • add license url into the description



  • audio bumper stating license and authors
    • NOTE: Audio id3 is pretty good and audio bumper is annoying
      • putting on songs is stupid
      • putting audio bumper on podcast is useful
  • auto-generate cd case/liner notes - http://www.papercdcase.com/
  • important to use tagging standard of cc licensing for the file name


How to mark video work:

  1. CC Bumper 
    A notice in the beginning or end of your video stating the license
    • Download the default CC Bumper
    • Create your own CC Bumper using these guidelines
    • Browse user submitted bumpers
      • "ViewShareRemix is a project to support open movies, by creating standard identifying marks and supporting visuals. Our initial aim is to create a pro-sharing equivalent for filmmakers to the anti-piracy notices and videos seen on traditional video content. We see it as a complement to the Creative Commons-licenses."
    Copyright Statement 
    A line of text stating the author(s), date & copyright
    • can be added to the bumper or go on a separate slide
    • May be followed by "Some Rights Reserved"
    • example: (c) Name 2007, Some Rights Reserved
  2. Learn more about how to publish your video to youtube, archive.org, etc.
  • Video templates from Jordan Nash.
    • A general use template, to be shown at the beginning or end of a video (the copyright statement at the bottom would be filled in by the content author):

By-nc-sa-2.5-notice v3.0.png

    • For works long enough to justify a credits reel, more detailed information would be appended to the credits. This information would include the deed terms as spelled out on the CC web page: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/. Detailed contact information would also be included for the author, so that a person who wished to negotiate for a more liberal use could do so.
    • Slightly animated earlier version of above, to showcase various background options -- File:By-nc-sa-2.5-notice.m4v
      • Other variations and related files, including source, can be found at Jordan's website.
  • A crew of Videobloggers created CC bumpers to add to your videos at SuperHappyVlogHouse in San Francisco. Please feel free to use these on the end of your videos!

Ryanne Hodson's:

http://ryanne.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Ryanne-CCTrailer1CCBYNC548-993.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Michael Verdi

http://ryanne.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Ryanne-CCTrailer2CCBY885-811.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-Jen Gouvea

http://blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Ryanne-CCTrailer3BYND535-361.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-Jay Dedman

http://blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Ryanne-CCTrailer4BYSA526-237.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-Irina Slutsky

Michael Verdi's:

Verdi consume6.jpg Creative Commons Attribution

Verdi consume.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

Verdi consume2.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs

Verdi consume3.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Verdi consume4.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike

Verdi consume5.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

Jackson West's:

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper43BY668.jpg Creative Commons Attribution 4:3

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper720pBY971-553.jpg Creative Commons Attribution 16:9

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper43BYSA179.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper43BYND302.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper43BYNC554.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper43BYNCND357.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

http://jacksonwest.blip.tv/uploadedFiles/Jacksonwest-CreativeCommonsBumper43BYNCSA179.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike

Enric Teller's:

Enric 1.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

Enric 2.jpg Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike


  • watermarks


  • plain text
  • pdf