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MONDAY 2007/10/01

  • (DONE) CC working on autocurating content
  • (DONE) ISSN number set up
  • (DONE) design issues including icon, color options for desktop/DVD/DVD packaging addressed (tvol, bovinity)
  • (DONE) documentation and revision of back panel to be more library specific (tvol)

MONDAY 2007/10/08

  • (DONE) check back with Fedora on hosting space for DVD iso
  • (DONE) set up timeline for printing of sleeves and DVDs (tvol)
  • (DONE) CC working on autocurating content (rejon)

MONDAY 2007/10/15

  • (DONE) CC work on build system
  • (DONE) liase with redhat/fedora on build system (rejon)
  • (DONE) work on library outreach
  • (DONE) work on documentation for libraries

MONDAY 2007/10/22

  • (DONE) build works
  • (DONE) follow up with prospective library testers - 3 to 4 is good number (tvol)
  • (DONE) pull together list of content from Ahrash for OER (ahrash, tvol)

MONDAY 2007/10/29 (MONDAY)

  • outline any copy or assets needed for design of the disk for bovinity prior to his availability (tvol, rejon)
  • informational page about CC, FOSS, LiveContent - incorporate projects - ccLearn, incentives for cc content directories (tvol)
  • CC work on autocurating tasks
  • NO ART (bov)
  • (DONE) content directory massaging (tvol)

MONDAY 2007/11/05

MONDAY 2007/11/12

  • Content Directories work with SMW
    • (DONE) cleaning up and adding
    • (DONE) adding a field for including api on livecontent - is this correct?
    • (DONE) updating education sites - need more
    • "how to add youself"
    • cc-livecontent feed - checkbox? - is this how we want to deal with this? permission?

MONDAY 2007/11/19

  • Thanksgiving (all)

MONDAY 2007/11/26

  • LC switch to generate DVD (paulproteus)
  • LC Fedora 8 upgrade (paulproteus)
  • LC generate nightly builds (paulproteus)
    • make sure there is autobuilding of the nightly disc and keep last 7 days (asheesh)
    • post up an iso onto spins site and then send email to explain context of changes (paulproteus, tvol)
  • LC Autocurated packages (paulproteus)
  • LiveContent 2.0 documentation page (tvol)
  • LC2.0 packaging design (bovinity)
  • LC2.0 dvd disc art (bovinity)
  • LC2.0 desktop design (bovinity)
  • LC2.0 CC content icons (bovinity)
  • LC2.0 splash screen (bovinity)
  • liblicense rpm demo build with and without and compare (0.5d) (paulproteus)

MONDAY 2007/12/03

  • same as previous

MONDAY 2007/12/10

  • Roll LC2.0 build past Fedora board to give OK of any cc branding (tvol, paulproteus)
  • Blog post for LC2.0 testing

MONDAY 2007/12/17

MONDAY 2007/12/24

  • Holiday

MONDAY 2007/12/31

  • revisions and buffer for unfinished tasks (tvol, paulproteus)
  • Get revisions and testing out to testers

MONDAY 2008/01/07

  • testing

MONDAY 2008/01/14

  • artwork to printers (Jan 14) (bovinity)
  • Gold Master to manufacturers (Jan 14) (paulproteus, bovinity)

MONDAY 2008/01/21

  • press set up for LC2.0 (tvol, rejon)
  • emails to library contacts (tvol)
  • LC2.0 press release (tvol, rejon, ericsteuer)
  • coordinate with Red Hat PR (tvol, rejon)
  • coordinate with Worldlabel PR (tvol, rejon)

MONDAY 2008/01/28

  • LC2.0 released (all)
  • blog post about LC2.0 (tvol)