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LiveContent is a LiveCD [1] full of a sampling of and links to free and open source creativity software and Creative Commons' licensed free and open content — audio, video, image, and text — for anyone to explore. Please use this disc if you are interested in trying free media and possibly want to create your own with tools like, Inkscape, Gimp and more.

[1] A LiveCD is a CD which boots into an operating system when the CD is in one's disc drive, and the power is started on that same computer.


LiveContent is an umbrella idea which aims to connect and expand Creative Commons and open source communities. LiveContent works to identify creators and content providers working to share their creations more easily with others. LiveContent works to support developers and others who build better technology to distribute these works. LiveContent is up-to-the-minute creativity, "alive" by being licensed Creative Commons, which allows others to better interact with the content.

LiveContent can be delivered in a variety of ways. The first incarnation of LiveContent will deliver content as a LiveCD. LiveCDs are equivalent to what is called a LiveDistro. LiveCDs have traditionally been a vehicle to test an operating system or applications live. Operating systems and/or applications are directly booted from a CD or other type of media without needing to install the actual software on a machine. LiveContent aims to add value to LiveDistros by providing dynamically-generated content within the distribution.