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  • features
    • KDE4 integration
      • system settings module
      • file properties license tab
    • OLPC integration
      • Journal integration
    • GUI i18n (liblicense core already handled)
    • Expand liblicense API to allow dynamically populating the jurisdiction selector
  • bugs/issues
    • License chooser api ironing out ( I could wrap the flags to hide the bit-shifting -- but before I do that, I want feedback as to whether this design, in general, works.
    • Use SONAME so applications can request a particular version of liblicense's API/ABI
      • Debian will require this (and everyone else is crazy if they don't)
      • I found one explanation of it while Googling
    • not clear what default-content-license does, exactly- maybe replace 'Default Content License' with 'choose the default license for new content you create' or something like that? (whatever is accurate  :)
    • I'd get rid of the frame around the license chooser. Not used by most gnome apps.
    • URI: what goes there? I assume the license URI, but I'd expect the license chooser would set that, and it doesn't appear to.
    • are there sample files somewhere I can test the nautilus extension on?
    • good packaging practice would break this into liblicense and liblicense-devel, one with the apps and app data another with the libraries. Not a huge deal, but would be necessary before getting it into fedora, for example.
      • We've broken it up into liblicense{,-kde,-gnome}
  • tag svn
  • package (liblicense, liblicense-kde, and liblicense-gnome)
    • source
    • rpm
    • deb
    • ebuilds (bugs 187196, 185689, and 78021 in gentoo's bugzilla)
    • test them!
    • Known dependencies.
      • libraptor
      • nautilus-python
      • exempi
  • publicity
    • freshmeat
    • sourceforge
    •  ?

Asheesh's comments


  • In "Creative Commons - Attribution-NoDerivs - 3.0.0", 3.0.0 really should be 3.0
  • Also, default-content-license seems to allow you to check boxes to create combinations where no license exists. That's quite odd.
  • How do I unset the default license on my desktop? I ran it once, and it seemed to automatically save, and but I don't want to have set a default license.
  • UI is way confusing, dudes


  • -h should mean --help
  • -m has a comma after it in --help
  • -v should mean --verbose
  • -q should mean --quiet
  • How do I *unset* a license on a document?