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  • features
    • KDE4 integration
      • system settings module
      • file properties license tab
    • OLPC integration (nearly done but will be external of ll releases)
      • Journal integration
    • GUI i18n (liblicense core already handled)
    • Expand liblicense API to allow dynamically populating the jurisdiction selector
    • Automated regression testing, especially for io modules. We need to be *absolutely certain* that data won't be lost
    • ODF support (jakin) :) Solve the problem for the world and get all the fame and glory!
  • bugs/issues
    • License chooser api ironing out ( I could wrap the flags to hide the bit-shifting -- but before I do that, I want feedback as to whether this design, in general, works.
    • Use SONAME so applications can request a particular version of liblicense's API/ABI
      • Debian will require this (and everyone else is crazy if they don't)
      • I found one explanation of it while Googling
      • Jakin: I think this is a premature concern; once things stabilize I think this is a good idea. At version 0.3, people should expect that source and binary compatibility isn't guaranteed.
    • not clear what default-content-license does, exactly- maybe replace 'Default Content License' with 'choose the default license for new content you create' or something like that? (whatever is accurate  :)
    • I'd get rid of the frame around the license chooser. Not used by most gnome apps.
    • URI: what goes there? I assume the license URI, but I'd expect the license chooser would set that, and it doesn't appear to. (Changed to license URI. If license chooser doesn't set this field, then we've still got a problem)
    • are there sample files somewhere I can test the nautilus extension on?
    • good packaging practice would break this into liblicense and liblicense-devel, one with the apps and app data another with the libraries. Not a huge deal, but would be necessary before getting it into fedora, for example.
      • We've broken it up into liblicense{,-kde,-gnome}
  • tag svn
  • package (liblicense, liblicense-kde, and liblicense-gnome)
    • source sf
    • rpm
    • deb
    • ebuilds (bugs 187196, 185689, and 78021 in gentoo's bugzilla)
  • Core dependencies:
    • libraptor
    • exempi
  • GNOME Integration dependencies:
    • liblicense python bindings
    • nautilus-python
    • gnome-python
  • KDE4 Integration dependencies:
    • kdelibs4 (tested on alpha2 and beta1)
  • publicity
    • freshmeat
    • sourceforge
    • CC techblog (scott's wrap-up)

Asheesh's comments


  • In "Creative Commons - Attribution-NoDerivs - 3.0.0", 3.0.0 really should be 3.0 (API allows for arbitrary version divisions)
  • Also, default-content-license seems to allow you to check boxes to create combinations where no license exists. That's quite odd.
    • jakin: I don't mind. In a general sense, those combinations could exist in the future. This license selector is not CC specific.
  • How do I unset the default license on my desktop? I ran it once, and it seemed to automatically save, and but I don't want to have set a default license.
  • UI is way confusing, dudes


  • -h should mean --help
  • -m has a comma after it in --help
  • -v should mean --verbose
  • -q should mean --quiet
  • How do I *unset* a license on a document? (New flag, --remove)