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* <del>[http://freshmeat.net/ Freshmeat]</del>
* <del>[http://freshmeat.net/ Freshmeat]</del>
* [http://gnomedesktop.org/node/add/story gnome footnotes]
* [http://gnomedesktop.org/node/add/story gnome footnotes]
* [http://www.gnomefiles.org/ GnomeFiles] for software which supports Gnome
* <del>[http://www.gnomefiles.org/ GnomeFiles] for software which supports Gnome</del>
* http://del.icio.us/
* <del>http://del.icio.us/</del>
* http://technorati.com/wtf
* http://technorati.com/wtf

Revision as of 22:05, 31 July 2007

  • issues
    • Nautilus writes a license to every file whose property dialog is displayed
    • license chooser returns devnations -- should we mark this as retired and then not return retired licenses? (added isReplacedBy by/3.0)
    • Unicode filename issues? Licenses aren't loaded for some test files with Japanese filenames. (Um, seems to work fine, now) (0.4)
    • Update gui_gtk.py to use license chooser API once the above is taken care of
    • configure --prefix=/usr/local dies trying to install the python bindings
      • libtool: install: error: cannot install `liblicense.la' to a directory not ending in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/liblicense
      • Update: works after a 'make distclean'
    • new license chooser API not wrapped in Ruby (0.4)
    • nautilus emblems don't work for me (Needed to touch /usr/share/icons/hicolor on installation)
    • No sampling licenses' RDF include the prohibits commericial use statement
  • package press release
  • tag svn
  • package
    • source
    • rpm
    • deb
    • ebuild (Exempi, nautilus-python, and Liblicense ebuilds, courtesy of jakin)