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liblicense Release History

taken from the ChangeLog File

liblicense 0.8 (2008-07-28):

  • Fixed LL_LICENSE to be ns#license, not ns#License
  • Therefore, bumped ABI and SONAME.
  • Removed NULLs possibly meaning LL_LICENSE from ll_read() and ll_write()

liblicense 0.7.1 (2008-07-23):

  • Improved bundled .spec file to be compliant with Fedora packaging guidelines
  • Demonstrate with test that license name can be read out in the system locale
  • Fix writers for alternate metadata so that they pay attention to
 the predicate passed in (rather than always writing LL_LICENSE, GACK!)
  • Add test for writing alternate metadata
  • Add support in Python bindings to read other metadata than LL_LICENSE

liblicense 0.7.0:

  • Change LL_* constants into #defines to avoid problems with Python modules
  • SONAME -> 2.0.0

liblicense 0.6.2:

  • Fix /usr/bin/license so that it can read license information out of files
 (rather than assert(0)ing!).

liblicense 0.6.1:

  • Finally fix SONAME to be 1
  • Filter symbols by regex
  • Remove spurious bad "FIXME" string in supposedly the license URI

liblicense 0.6:

  • verification link support
  • morePermission support
  • Tests actually assert; all tests pass
  • ensure all functions, etc are documented w/Doxygen

liblicense 0.5.1:

  • fix Ruby bindings to compile - add stdbool.h include (hub)
  • fix license_info.c's ll_parse_version to not free user-provided data (paulproteus)

liblicense 0.5:

Maintainer: Asheesh Laroia <> Contributors: Hubert Figuiere <>

             Nathan Yergler <>
             Peter Miller <>
             Scott Shawcroft <>
             Jason Kivlighn <>

Thanks to Hubert for a HUGE amount of work in this release:

  • Adds fixes for various, many segfaults (all NULL dereferences, I think)
  • Install licenses in a temporary directory
  • Uses LL_ namespace for constants
  • Add module_shutdown function for modules
  • Detect valgrind, and use it for 'make check' if it is present
  • Fix missing string.h include in modules/io/taglib.cpp
  • Support building out of tree
  • Install modules in an all-local Makefile target, and support clean-local
  • Detect Python in and refuse to build Python module if its headers are missing
  • Automake cleanup: $(shell pwd) -> $(PWD)
  • Do shared object name versioning: This ABI/API is v. 1.0.0
  • Fix a memory leak in the tests
  • Allow 'make check' to run uninstalled
  • Fix compile warnings, including a crazy NO_WARN_UNUSED hack for the Ruby bindings
  • Ask to require Exempi 1.99.5 and adjust exempi.c and sidecar_xmp.c for the new Exempi API

From Nathan:

  • The RDF generation that was a one-off hack for liblicense is cleaned-up and now part of our infrastructure; as a result, liblicense gets its RDF files from an svn:externals.
  • In particular, the licenses have translated titles and no dc:type = License assertion.
  • (The above includes cleanups to, including translationg the license title and treating the RDF as RDF never as raw XML.)

From Peter:

  • Updates to with typenames we use
  • Add extern string constants for ATTRIBUTION, COMMERCIAL_USE, etc.

From Scott:

  • Change to use msgfmt, not gmsgfmt, and add RPM .spec

From Jason, some of which is accepting patches by Peter:

  • Fix license_chooser.c to not export non-ll_* symbols
  • Prefix all types with ll_
  • Hack around "unused argument" warnings in Python bindings, change magic zero padding at the end of the Python bindings
  • Improve code style in license_chooser.c
  • Typecast strlen return call to a SIGNED int to avoid a compile warning
  • typecasts to (int) in license_info.c
  • Comment out unused variables in licenses_cached.c that caused unused variable warnings
  • Shortened variable names in modules/io/raptor.c
  • Add a note about Vorbis prototypes needing const correctness analysis in mdoules/io/vorbis.c

From Asheesh:

  • Fix null pointer dereferences in the case that libexempi failed to open a file we asked for metadata from
  • Support LL_LICENSE_DIR environment variable as an alternate license storage path
  • license_info.c: Redo the compile warning for license_info.c fix - use size_t as the storage field for the return from strlen
  • license_info.c: Stop calling strlen() repeatedly, turning O(n^2) search into O(N)
  • license_info.c: Remove unsigned int warning fix because it truncates data; should be fixed in an API revision