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Table of File Metadata Information

Format Form of Metadata Location of Metadata Links
MP3 XMP / Native id3 tags The PRIV,XMP field / WCOP tag XMP Spec ID3v2.3 Spec
Vorbis XMP / Native comment field XMP comment field / LICENSE comment field Ogg Vorbis Docs
FLAC Native comment fields (id3v2 or vorbis-style comments) Same as with MP3 for id3v2 or Vorbis for vorbis-style comments FLAC Format Spec
Monkey's Audio (APE) Native Vorbis-like comment field AFAIK, there is no standard tag spec
JPEG XMP APP1 Markers XMP Spec
TIFF XMP XMLPacket tag XMP Spec
PNG XMP iTXt, XML:com:adobe:xmp field XMP Spec
GIF XMP Application block XMP Spec
SVG RDF /svg/metadata/rdf CC Wiki, SVG, based on Inkscape
PSD (Adobe Photoshop) XMP Resource block XMP Spec
AVI ? ? XMP Spec
Matroska Native tag COPYRIGHT tag Matroska Tagging Spec
Quicktime Native tag kMDItemCopyright(old)/kUserDataTextCopyright(new) tag Quicktime 7 API Reference XMP Spec
OGG No metadata standard Ogg Metadata Draft
Theora Theora comments (similar to Vorbis comments) Theora Spec
Flash RDF ?
PDF XMP metadata field XMP Spec
Postscript/EPS XMP Document-level metadata XMP Spec
HTML RDFa <a rel="license" href="..."></a> CC Wiki, RDFa
SMIL RDF /smil/head/metadata@id="meta-rdf"/RDF CreativeCommons SMIL Module
RSS 1.0 /RDF/channel/license or /RDF/channel/item/license CreativeCommons RSS 1.0 Module
RSS 2.0 /rss/channel/cc:license or /rss/channel/item/cc:license CreativeCommons RSS 2.0 Module
Atom /feed/entry/link@rel=license Atom License Extension
Any XML XMP Wherever valid XMP Spec (OASIS) CC License Add-In SoC Project is working on the spec
MS Office (2003) DocumentSummaryInformation Infile CreativeCommons_LicenseURL property Office Add-in
MS Office OpenXML (2007) ? ? OpenXML Spec Relevant mailing list post