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Maarten Zeinstra - Coordinator (CC-NL)
Maarten Zeinstra - Coordinator (CC-NL)
Yannick H'Madoun - Public Lead (CC-BE)
Yannick H'Madoun - Public Lead (CC-BE)

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Translation of CC0 into Legal Tools Translation/CC0/Dutch

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation
Belgium, Netherlands

Language coordination
In an earlier project the Dutch CC-team made a unofficial translation to be used on our main governments website. That website also states that it is in an unofficial. So we already have a first draft.

We work closely together with CC-Belgium, as we are hosting their Public Lead as an intern at Kennisland, one of the partners of CC-NL. We will cross-post all messages between the Dutch and Belgium CC sites.

Submission of Translation
Proposal to Regional Coordinator
Submission of First Draft: {{{draftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: 2013/02/01
End of public comment period: 2013/02/28
Projected Publication Date: 2013/04/01

Translation process

Web site: {{{website}}}

Lucie Guibault - Legal lead (CC-NL) Thomas Margoni - legal (CC-NL) Severine Dusollier - legal lead (CC-BE) Maarten Zeinstra - Coordinator (CC-NL) Yannick H'Madoun - Public Lead (CC-BE)

Word choice

Yes I confirm that the team understands that this will be a translation of CC0 and not an adaptation.