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Translation Status

4.0: In progress - final review (Step 7)
CC0: In progress - public comment period (Step 4)

Key dates


First draft was submitted: 13 April 2016
Public comment period: 19 February - 15 April 2018 (at
Translation officially published:


First draft was submitted: 28 June 2019
Public comment period: Initially held 5 - 26 July 2019, but extended to seek more feedback. Please consult the draft translation (Media:Slovak-CC0.pdf) and add your comments, if any, in the Discussion space.

Translation officially published:

Translation team

  • Anton Skreko
  • Zuzana Adamova
  • For CC0, official translators of the European Commission, coordinated by Pedro MALAQUIAS (Legal Officer – Intellectual Property).

Translation process

4.0 draft created by CC Slovakia. CC0 draft created by the European Commission.

Draft translation files



CC0: To be published.

FINAL translation files

4.0: To be published.

CC0: To be published.