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Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

Language coordination
Russian language is used (or can be used) by the other jurisdictions, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. As we also know, there is an emerging CC team in Belarus. So, we will prepare the first draft of CC 4.0 in Russia and send it to the above-mentioned jurisdictions' teams for their comments and suggestions. Comments from these teams will be collected, discussed and integrated in the the first draft (if possible).

Translation Status

4.0: Final review of first draft in progress.
CC0: Not started.

Key dates


First draft was submitted: 27 June 2015
Public comment period: 6 October 2015 -
Translation officially published:

Translation team


  • Mr. Yuri Hohlov - Public Head
  • Mr. Alexander Evtyushkin - Expert
  • Ms. Louisa Rizmanova - CC Russia Project Manager
  • Mr Alexander Generalov -translator - from IIS
  • Mr. Michael Yakushev - Legal Head
  • Ms. Svetlana Vorozhbit
  • Mrs. Elena Voinikanis
  • Ms. Louisa Rizmanova

The team will be carrying out coordination with other CC teams from CIS countries.

Translation process


Requests for feedback on public comment were sent on 12/16/2015. On 05/12/2016, emails were sent to CIS countries where Russian is spoken, to have one last final review of the draft.

Draft translation files

4.0: BY-NC-SA

FINAL translation files

4.0: To be published