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Translation Status

4.0: BY-NC-SA staged. The other 5 files in production.
CC0: In review.

Key dates


First draft was submitted: 18 March 2014
Public comment period: 15 April 2014 - 15 June 2014
Translation officially published:

Translation team


  • Jurga Gradauskaitė - lead of translation team (communication with CC headquarters, translation of the first draft of CC-BY, organisational work: allocation of assignments to other members and control)
  • Rėda Pilipaitė - participant in translation process
  • Paulius Jurčys - participant in translation process
  • Edgaras Markevičius - participant in translation process (expected)
  • Prof. Vytautas Mizaras - advisory, review, comment
  • Olegas Juška - review

Translation process


We have experience with translating the 3.0 license and are planning to follow the usual route. We will send information to related communities (artists, bloggers, content managers, libraries, academic institutions, etc.), post information on our internet site and Facebook page, and organize and event to draw attention to the fact that public comments are welcome. We will afterwards summarize the results and decide within our team which recommendations should be followed, and we intend to send feedback to all of the applicants with proposals, indicating whether their requests have been fulfilled, how and why.


Draft translation files


  1. BY-NC-SA
  2. BY-NC
  3. BY-ND
  4. BY-NC-ND
  5. BY-SA
  6. BY


FINAL translation files

4.0: To be published

CC0: To be published