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Translation of 4.0 into Legal Tools Translation/4.0/Japanese

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation

Language coordination
Not used in other jurisdictions.

Actual timeline

Submission of Translation Proposal to Regional Coordinator: 2014/09/03
Submission of First Draft: {{{actualdraftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: {{{actualpublicdate}}}
End of public comment period: {{{actualpublicenddate}}}
Publication Date: {{{actualend_date}}}

Proposed timeline

Estimated Submission of First Draft: 2014/09/05
Estimated Start of public comment period: 2014/09/07
Estimated End of public comment period: 2014/10/07
Estimated Publication Date: 2014/10/21

Translation process
1) Initial draft: created by a lawyer, law school students and others who have certain amount of knowledge or skill in English, CC license text, and/or copyright law; 2) a series of close reviews by three others (including two lawyers) who have at least two or more of the following: high fluency in English, close knowledge on CC license texts, and copyright laws of Japan and U.S.; 3) finalization of public comment-ready draft at a conference of three people (two of whom are lawyers) meeting the criteria for the second process.

Website: TBD

They are all members of CC Japan

Word choice

Status (as of)