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Translation of 4.0 into Legal Tools Translation/4.0/Italian

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation

Language coordination
We involved CC Switzerland in the translation drafting process: we contacted Florian Docummun to be sure he could circulate the draft translation with interested colleagues in Switzerland.

Actual timeline

Submission of Translation Proposal to Regional Coordinator: 2014/02/08
Submission of First Draft: {{{actualdraftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: {{{actualpublicdate}}}
End of public comment period: {{{actualpublicenddate}}}
Publication Date: {{{actualend_date}}}

Proposed timeline

Estimated Submission of First Draft: 2014/02/28
Estimated Start of public comment period: 2014/03/17
Estimated End of public comment period: 2014/04/20
Estimated Publication Date: 2014/04/30

Translation process
We produced a very first draft that circulated internally for a first round of comments. Subsequently, this first draft was evaluated by the legal experts of CC Italia. In addition, some fellows of the Nexa Center provided comments to the very first translation draft. Following a probably old process, we did a public consultation process on the CC Italia website and mailing list at this step. Then, according to the Legal Code Translation Policy, this double-checked version was send to the Regional Coordinator and to the CC HQ legal team. The translation currently implemented the changes suggested by the CC HQ and it's waiting for final approval.


Federico Morando (CC Italia Project Lead) Massimo Travostino (legal expert - member of the CC Italia working group) Alessandro Cogo ((legal expert - member of the CC Italia working group) Claudio Artusio (member of the CC Italia working group) Marco Ricolfi (Scientific Coordinator of the CC Italia legal working group)

Word choice

Status (as of)