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France, Overseas France, Benin, Burkina Faso, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Monaco, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Egypt, Maroc, Algeria

Translation Status

4.0: Staged files in final review.
CC0: Final.

Key dates


First draft was submitted:
Public comment period:
Translation officially published: CC0 launch - 27 June 2014 (red the blog post)

Translation team

CC France affiliate team collaborated for this translation with teams from Switzerland, Quebec / Moncton, Luxembourg, Belgium. Other lawyers from french-speaking countries (even if not yet CC chapters) were consulted.

  • Nicolas Jupillat, CC Canada Lead
  • Danièle Bourcier, CC France Lead
  • Lara Beswick, CC France
  • Primavera De Filippi
  • Florian Ducommun
  • Séverine Dusollier
  • David Fewer
  • Vincent Gautrais
  • Batoul Betty Merhi
  • Patrick Peiffer
  • Myriam Sanou
  • Christophe Traisnel

Translation process


The first draft translation was submitted to french speaking CC affiliates, the ccfr list and the CC fr social media networks. CC french affiliates will validate and integrate the comments.

Draft translation files


  1. BY
  2. BY-SA
  3. BY-NC
  4. BY-ND
  5. BY-NC-SA
  6. BY-NC-ND

FINAL translation files

4.0: to be published