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Translation of 4.0 into Legal Tools Translation/4.0/Dutch

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation
Belgium, Netherlands

Language coordination
Dutch is an official language of the following jurisdictions: Aruba, Belgium, Curaçao, Netherlands, Sint Maarten, and Suriname.

Of these jurisdictions only Belgium and the Netherlands have a CC-affiliate. Maarten Zeinstra of CC-NL will coordinate the translation. Lucie Guibault of CC-NL will oversee the translation and verify its legal linguistic correctness. CC-BE Public Lead Yannick H'Madoun will assist from Belgium. Yannick also has a LLM and can also verify legal linguistic correctness of the translation.

Actual timeline

Submission of Translation Proposal to Regional Coordinator: 2014/02/10
Submission of First Draft: {{{actualdraftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: {{{actualpublicdate}}}
End of public comment period: {{{actualpublicenddate}}}
Publication Date: {{{actualend_date}}}

Proposed timeline

Estimated Submission of First Draft: 2014/03/31
Estimated Start of public comment period: 2014/04/01
Estimated End of public comment period: 2014/04/30
Estimated Publication Date: 2014/06/01

Translation process


Paul Keller, advisor

Lucie Guibault, legal lead

Maarten Zeinstra, coordinator

Yannick H'Madoun, translator

Lisette Kalshoven, translator

Tiara Roquas, intern (LLB)

Word choice

Status (as of)