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Translation of 4.0 into Legal Tools Translation/4.0/Czech

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation
Czech Republic

Language coordination

Actual timeline

Submission of Translation Proposal to Regional Coordinator: 2014/04/07
Submission of First Draft: {{{actualdraftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: {{{actualpublicdate}}}
End of public comment period: {{{actualpublicenddate}}}
Publication Date: {{{actualend_date}}}

Proposed timeline

Estimated Submission of First Draft: 2014/04/30
Estimated Start of public comment period: 2014/05/01
Estimated End of public comment period: 2014/05/30
Estimated Publication Date: 2014/06/01

Translation process
The English text of CC NC SA was translated by a professional translator (however not a lawyer). However, we provided the translator with the existing wording of the CC CZ 3.0 version so that the terminology would remain the same.Now the text is being internally discussed within the CC team as regards the wording used (i.e that the perfect match with the English original should be achieved). After the internal consultation the translation will be published on various channels controlled by the CC team an we would than initiate the comments via google docs. In our opinion the hardest part will be to try to refrain the professionals from trying to port the text.

Website: Google Doc linked to,,

Jan Vobořil (Public Lead) Matěj Myška (Legal Lead) Petra Pejšová (Public Lead Team)

Word choice
As this is merely a proposition of a starting project we are currently not able to provide the detailed description, however this will be done in the process.

Status (as of)