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China Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau

Language coordination
To avoid confusion, the proposal is that CC refers to the following in connection with the linguistic translations of 4.0 and CC0, and that CC HQ allows both translations.

Translation Status

4.0: Discussion notes and public comments under review.

CC0 Traditional:

Staged file under review.

CC0 Simplified:

Staged file under review.

Key dates


First draft was submitted: 1 April 2016
Public comment period:
Translation officially published:

Translation team


  • Chunyan Wang, CC China Mainland
  • Yi Zheng, CC China Mainland
  • Xingzhi Xin, CC China Mainland
  • Beibei Sun, CC China Mainland
  • Ben Cheng, CC HK
  • Ying Chan, CC HK
  • Haggen So, CC HK
  • Zhou Suibin, CC HK
  • Ivan Chew, CC Singapore
  • Tyng-Ruey Chuang, CC Taiwan
  • Shun-Ling Chen, CC Taiwan
  • Yi-Hsuan Lin, CC Taiwan
  • Lucien Cheng-hsia Lin, CC Taiwan

Soohyun Pae will coordinate this project as regional coordinator.

Chunyan Wang from CC China Mainland and Yihsuan Lin from CC Taiwan will prepare the first drafts and lead the translation process. Other members of the translation team in HK, Singapore, and Macau will review the drafts and provide input from their local perspectives.

Translation process


Translation leads from CC China Mainland and CC Taiwan prepared in May 2016 the initial drafts and shared them with the group via email. Translation team members reviewed the initial drafts and made their comments on the document directly. Drafts were sent to the Regional Coordinator and HQ. The public comments were done via the mailing lists and websites of participating affiliate teams and the CC Asia Pacific mailing list. Comments were reviewed by the translation team members. The translation team discussed the comments at the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Beijing on Jul 2, 2016 (see the discussion notes). Final drafts will be sent to Regional Coordinator and HQ.

Detailed plans and discussions so far:
Chinese language translations: 4.0 and CC0
4.0 Chinese Translation Meeting in HK - Agenda & Notes
2nd 4.0 Chinese Translation Meeting in Beijing - Agenda & Notes
Draft Translations Completed for Public Comments
Announcement for Public Comments of Draft of Simplified Chinese Translation
Draft of CC 4.0 Simplified Chinese Translation for Public Comments
Announcement for Public Comments of Draft of Traditional Chinese Translation
Draft of CC 4.0 Traditional Chinese Translation for Public Comments
Updated document with outcomes
Last set of comments


Comments from CC HQ

Key translation decisions and challenges

Draft translation files

Traditional: CC0

Simplified: CC0

FINAL translation files

To be published