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Translation of 4.0 into Legal Tools Translation/4.0/Castellano

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation
Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela

Language coordination
The team involved in the translation process was formed from a CC latam list that includes all the current cc affiliates and some communities in the process to became affiliates. Although Spain has the same language of the jurisdictions that participated, Latam RC had contacted Spain with no success onto their willing to cooperate on this translation.

Actual timeline

Submission of Translation Proposal to Regional Coordinator: 2014/04/01
Submission of First Draft: {{{actualdraftdate}}}
Start of public comment period: {{{actualpublicdate}}}
End of public comment period: {{{actualpublicenddate}}}
Publication Date: {{{actualend_date}}}

Proposed timeline

Estimated Submission of First Draft: 2014/04/01
Estimated Start of public comment period: 2014/10/01
Estimated End of public comment period: 2014/10/31
Estimated Publication Date: 2014/11/20

Translation process
Initially we informed to the CC latam list of our intention of getting involved in the translation process and those who wanted joined the team. After finishing the first translation draft and having it approved by the CC-HQ, it will be published using the CC wiki and the local web pages for receiving comments and inputs from the CC list but also from the public. We are thinking about giving one month for the public comment period and twenty days for arranging the inputs and preparing the launching. We will try to build bridges with Spain to intend a common translation that so far has not been possible.

Website: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LLQ8Ksh56KBoqwsbw1fNyYyLSJSBWz0Mf_iJzydQBdo/edit

CC Venezuela, Marianne Diaz (coordinator) CC El Salvador, Claudia Ortiz CC Colombia, Luisa Guzmán CC México, León Sánchez CC Perú, Rafael Salazar CC Chile, Juan Carlos Lara

Word choice
We did not have to take any particular decision regarding the word choice, that could be interpreted as changes to the English original. In case of doubt in the translation process we took into account previous translations of CC licenses.

Status (as of)
In Progress