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LRMI Property LOM approximate DC approx. approx.
Education Specific
intendedEndUserRole intendedEndUserRole audience
educationalAlignment conformsTo
educationalUse instructionalMethod
timeRequired typicalLearningTime (5.9)
typicalAgeRange typicalAgeRange educationLevel

(not equivalent but related)

interactivityType Interactivity Type
learningResourceType Learning Resource Type
useRightsURL rights:Copyright and

Other Restrictions (6.2)

isBasedOnURL isBasedOn source
Already adequately expressed in
  These terms are important terms used with learning resources that are currently well covered by
title Title title Thing:name
topic subject CreativeWork:About
created Created created CreativeWork:dateCreated
creator Contribute creator CreativeWork:author
publisher publisher CreativeWork:publisher
language Language language CreativeWork:inLanguage
mediaType type CreativeWork:genre