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Below you will find links to query forms we guessed the research community might be interested in. All of our data is open and available to SMW-based queries (and even exportable to formats like RDF and CSV), but if you'd like help constructing a query you can email akozak AT creativecommons DOT org.

Jurisdiction data

  • Query jurisdictions for fields like affiliate, porting status, and URLs.

3.0 License porting data

The Full License Set

This database contains only the BY-NC-SA licenses, but you can still use the database to research any of the six licenses in the CC License Suit.

All the parts of the six Creative Commons licenses are contained within the BY-NC-SA license. The licenses differ from each other in the following ways:


Ignore the non-commercial provisions (Section 4(c) in the Unported)
Ignore the share-alike provisions