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Welcome to the Jurisdiction Database. The Database is a resource center containing information for Affiliates, scholars and others interested in CC's international community.


The Database contains the full text of the Unported and the jurisdiction-specific 3.0 licenses. You can query the database for the full text of the unported and one or more ported licenses. The license texts have been structured according to the tags or keywords.

Query one or more ported licenses (and Unported) for tagged license sections.

Visit the Research page for more information on using the data contained in this database.


The CC Affiliate Network consists of 100+ affiliates working in over 70 jurisdictions to support and promote CC activities around the world. Members of the Affiliate Network have formal agreements with Creative Commons. To learn more about the formal CC Team in a jurisdiction or to find out if there is a CC community in a particular jurisdiction, click on the jurisdiction's flag below.

{{#ask: |?Flag URL |?Has status |?Name |sort=Has status,Name |format=template|template=Jurisdiction List|link=none|limit=100}}

Add a jurisdiction

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Contributing to the Database

The Jurisdiction Database contains information on the Unported license and each Creative Commons affiliate jurisdiction (e.g. Germany, Estonia).

On these pages you have the opportunity to add or edit data about the jurisdiction, or data about the jurisdictions 3.0 license porting process.

On each page, you can choose to edit the page directly as with a normal wiki page or edit via the "edit with form" link at the top of the page. This form will allow you to input information into labeled boxes and is suggested at least for edits to the sidebar.

The structure of pages follows this schema: <Jurisdiction>/3.0/<License>




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