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This page describes our plan for making [[JsWidget]] something we want people to use.
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= Pre-releases =
The following are "preview" versions, not things we suggest you use in a massive public-facing web service.
== 0.1 ==
* It exists at all!
== 0.2 ==
* Correct questions
== 0.3 ==
* Apache Content Negotiation for language selection
* (Hopefully) stable API for importing and exporting license choices
* IE (6 and 7) compatibility
== 0.4 ==
* all HTML elements and CSS classes are prefixed with cc_js_ to avoid namespace clashes with others' apps
* Safari compatibility
* Opera compatibility
At this point, there is '''feature completeness''' for the core JsWidget code.  There is code clean-up to do after this, and there is external translation work to do, but that should be all.  Bugfixes as needed before 1.0.
== 0.5 ==
* (X) Massive clean-out of unused JavaScript code and unused CSS style
* (X) Remove dependency on Prototype
* (X) Performance analysis, fixes based on this
** done for client-server side, and small client side performance fix implemented (only change visible selected license if the license really changed) because it decreases "flicker" in the UI
* (X) Security analysis of server-side and client-side code, fixes based on this
== 0.7 ==
* UI prettification (done by Alex)
* code prettification (by Asheesh)
** use zc.buildout for dependencies
== 0.8 ==
Backend-only release:
* (X) Come up with a solid story for auto-updating jurisdictions
* Come up with a solid story for auto-updating translations
* (X) Decide/describe promises that the version numbers mean
== 0.9 ==
* Just like 1.0, hopefully.
= Release =
The following are versions we suggest you use in a massive public-facing web service.
== 1.0 ==
* All strings are translated
* We have a story for keeping this up with high reliability
* We have a story for keeping releases maintained as far as language and jurisdiction updates
* It looks nice

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