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Ireland - Affiliate Team Roadmap

Date submitted: 18 May 2011

Timespan of this roadmap: May 2011 - May 2012

Team information

Jurisdiction: Ireland

Complete list of all members of the Affiliate Team:

Dr Darius Whelan, Public Lead, Lawyer Dr Louise Crowley, Public Lead, Lawyer

•Date of earliest MOU in jurisdiction: 2003 •Self-Identified Region: Europe

Vision •Why is Creative Commons important for the jurisdiction? CC provides a user-friendly means of sharing works while reserving some rights

•What do you think makes a successful jurisdiction project? Helpful responses to queries; Improving visibility of CC in the jurisdiction

•How do you see the jurisdiction project contributing to the CC Affiliate Network? Hopefully we will be able to attend conferences and participate in discussions

Community We currently have the CC-IE e-mail list and have spoken at some conferences, e.g. Mindfield Dublin and CODATA conference in Dublin We have made useful contacts and will continue to build those contacts.

Priority Goals •What are the three most important focus areas on which the Affiliate Team will work during this time period?

1. Focus-area: Finalising Licences version 3.0 2. Focus-area: Promoting CC Licences in Ireland 3. Focus-area: Liaison with other interest groups and other CC jurisdictions

Resources Required

People: We currently have two Project Leads but once the licences are launched we will consider adding a third and/or fourth person ( a non-lawyer) so that we can move to concentrating on non-legal aspects of the project more.

Technology: We have good access to technology

Materials: For seminars/ conferences, it should be possible to organise these on our existing premises using existing resources

Collaboration We will reach out to other CC jurisdictions, e.g. UK and other European teams.