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Featured Intergovernmental Organization Case Studies

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Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) are using CC to share research, data, and educational materials they produce. IGOs, like all creators who want wide dissemination of their content, realize they can benefit greatly from the use of Creative Commons licenses--maximizing the impact of their investments. A number of IGOs have already agreed that as publicly minded institutions, they believe adopting an open licensing policy for at least some subset of publications is the preferred mechanism for ensuring the broadest and most widespread use and reuse of the information they publish.

This page explains some of the benefits for IGOs that publish content under Creative Commons licenses, clarifies unique legal considerations, provides case study examples of IGOs already using CC, aggregates frequently asked questions, and addresses common licensing scenarios and options available to IGOs.

Why IGOs Should Use CC

IGOs' missions are already aligned with sharing information and resources

CC helps clarify rights to users in advance

CC helps ensure IGOs receive credit for the resources they create

FAQ: Why CC Licenses Work for IGOs


Case Studies

What If... Scenarios of Using CC Licenses