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IIT Bombay (academic institution)
Legal Project Lead
Lawrence Liang

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The Creative Commons India license suite is available in the following version. License your work under these licenses, or choose the international licenses. More info.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with IIT Bombay to create India jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC India List

Legal Project Lead: Lawrence Liang Public Project Lead: Shishir K. Jha

More about IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay, set up by an Act of Parliament, was established in 1958, at Powai, a northern suburb of Mumbai. Today the Institute is recognized IIT Bombay as one of the centres of academic excellence in the country. The institute has 12 departments of engineering, basic sciences and the humanities, 11 research centers, 3 postgraduate degree schools and 5 interdisciplinary programs. IIT Bombay is largely a residential institution with over 4 thousand students and over 400 faculty. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. Over the years, there has been dynamic progress at IIT Bombay in all academic and research activities, and a parallel improvement in facilities and infrastructure, to keep it on par with the best institutions in the world.