ICommons Summit 2008

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The first part of the iSummit will be the 3 pre-ccDays made to be for, by and about all people interested in topics related to Creative Commons.

From Now Until Day 1

There are three major projects to collaborate on prior to #Day 1 of ccDays.

  • 5 Use-cases added to the usecases from each jurisdiction
  • 5 CC integrations with your (top) level targets for your jurisdiction (could also be the usecases)
  • Translations at http://translate.creativecommons.org at 100% (or maybe better to have something like 5 docs at Documentation translated.

Then, we will have a session going over the successes in this drive and highlighting the key pieces.

Day 1

Closed first day for all CC affiliates and jurisdiction projects to hammer out various issues.

Day 2

High Level (abstract): Legal Day and Academic Day

Day 3

Low Level (practical): Culture and Technical Projects