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|resource author=International Research Center of Sexology
|resource author=International Research Center of Sexology
|resource url=http://sexology1.narod.ru
|resource url=http://sexology1.narod.ru
|resource type=Publications, Video, Research, Other Media
|meta url=http://wiki.creativecommons.org/UNESCO_OER_Toolkit
|tags=sexology, education, science, open source, textbook, free
|resource type=Publications, Video, Research
|tags=sexology, education, science, open source, textbook, free, medicine
|resource license=CC BY-SA
|resource license=CC BY-SA

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{{#declare:OER Resource URL=resource url}}
Repository Pages

{{#arraydefine: repos|http://wiki.creativecommons.org/UNESCO_OER_Toolkit}} {{#ifeq: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/UNESCO_OER_Toolkit%7C%7CAdd repository|{{#arraymap:http://wiki.creativecommons.org/UNESCO_OER_Toolkit%7C,%7Cx%7C{{#set:Meta Resource URL=x}}}}{{#ifeq: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/UNESCO_OER_Toolkit%7C%7C%7C{{#arrayprint:repos%7C |@@@@|[@@@@ {{#expr: {{#arraysearch:repos|@@@@}} + 1}}]}}}}}}


{{#arraymap:CC BY-SA|,|xyz| xyz}} {{#switch: CC BY-SA

| CC BY = Cc-by.png
| CC BY-ND = Cc-by-nd.png
| CC BY-NC-ND = Cc-by-nc-nd.png
| CC BY-NC = Cc-by-nc.png
| CC BY-NC-SA = Cc-by-nc-sa.png
| CC BY-SA  = Cc-by-sa.png
| PD = no image
| GNU GPL = no image
| GNU Lesser GPL = no image
| GNU Affero GPL = no image
| GNU FDL = no image
| Creative Archive = no image
| Open Publication License = no image
| custom = no image
| copyright = no image
| various  = no image


Author(s): {{#arraymap:International Research Center of Sexology|,|xyz| xyz}}

Affiliation: {{#arraymap:|,|xyz| xyz}}
Resource type: {{#arraymap:Publications, Video, Research|,|x| x}}
Publication date: {{#declare:Publication date=date}}2011/11/10
Language: {{#arraymap:en, ru|,|x| x}}

Tags:{{#arraymap:sexology, education, science, open source, textbook, free, medicine|,|xyz| xyz}}

Global scientific research on human sexuality of world famous sexologists: Masters, Johnson, Kolodny. Textbook in edition HTML.
Universal study guide on sexology. Warning: website uses pornographic video materials for the educational purposes !