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Affiliated Institution
The University of Hong Kong (academic institution)
Research Associate/Project Manager
Ben Cheng
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Visit the jurisdiction's website. The Creative Commons Hong Kong license suite is available in the following version. License your work under these licenses, or choose the international licenses. More info.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with the Journalism and Media Studies Center (JMSC) and local legal experts to create Hong Kong jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC Hong Kong List

Point of contact: CC HK Public Lead Ben Cheng

Legal Project Leads: Dr. Yahong Li (Associate Professor) and Ms. Alice Lee (Associate Professor), The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law.

Public Project Leads: Prof. Ying Chan (Director of the Journalism and Media Studies Center) and Ben Cheng


License Drafts and Substantive legal changes -- Archives:

More about the Journalism and Media Studies Center

Founded in 1999, the Journalism and Media Studies Center (JMSC) is a teaching and research unit at The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s oldest university. The JMSC offers an undergraduate and graduate degree, and professional programs for working journalists and executives.

The JMSC is committed to the pursuit of excellence in journalism and supporting Asian voices in the international media. JMSC’s activities, such as the Media Law Project and the China Media Project, strive to promote civil society and an informed citizenry through a vibrant and professional news media. The JMSC works in partnership with Hong Kong University faculties and departments and a vast network of professional groups in Hong Kong, China and beyond.

The JMSC assumed the role of host organization for Creative Commons Hong Kong in August 2007. The project’s Public Lead is Rebecca MacKinnon, Assistant Professor at the JMSC, while the role of Legal Lead is shared by Dr. Yahong Li and Alice Lee of The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. Further updates about CC-HK’s activities can be found at the Hong Kong Fans of Creative Commons community wiki.


CC Hong Kong and CC HQ would like to thank Rebecca MacKinnon, Assistant Professor at the Journalism and Media Studies Center, for her substantial efforts to adapt and promote the CC licenses in Hong Kong as part of her former role as the team’s Public Project Lead.