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Welcome to the CC Hackspace!

Current projects at CC and ideas for future projects:

  • The List powered by Creative Commons
  • CC Search
  • CCID
  • New CC website

The List

The List is a new mobile application from Creative Commons. The List enables people to contribute to the commons by taking photographs of interesting things from a list of images put together by Creative Commons and affliiated organizations known as List Makers. The app works on both Android and the mobile web.

All of the resulting images will be released onto sites such as the Internet Archive under CC-BY 4.0. All of our code is under the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later.

CC Search

CC Search (codename: Garmonbozia) is a meta-search engine from CC. We search Flickr, Internet Archive and more and provide a simple, flat set of results that works on any browser and provides a simple, clean way to search by media type and license.

All of our code is under the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later.

Bootstrapping The List webapp and CC Search

Both CC search and The List are based on GNU FM. They require PHP 5.3, MySQL or MariaDB and a web server (Apache, typically... but others will probably be okay) plus php-curl, php-adodb, php-gd and php-smarty. If you're developing on GNU/Linux, you can usually get these from your package manager. On OS X, you'll have most luck with Homebrew.

You may also need to symlink or alter the path in templating.php to your Smarty install.

Ping mattl on #creativecommons-dev or write to cc-devel with ideas.

New CC website

The site is a Jekyll site.

Other things

  • CC is developing a free software hacker-friendly CLA for people who want to contribute to these projects.