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Using a few lines of HTML given to you during the licensing process, you can reference the license that covers your work. To do so as clearly as possible, you should try to do the following:

  1. Specifically define what you're licensing. Websites are often made up of several components. You should note whether you're licensing the entire site, or just certain text, pages, graphics, or files.
  2. Put the reference in a prominent, visible place. You should place the reference right next to the work you intend to license. If you cannot easily place it next to each work or if you are licensing a large group of works, place the reference somewhere near the top of the page or along a sidebar, rather than hidden at the footer of the page. In addition, make sure that the link appears wherever the licensed works appear on your site, rather than just on the front page.
  3. If possible, use the CC button to mark your content. This symbol will help people easily recognize that your content is licensed. You can add this button to your site by using the full HTML/RDF supplied during your license selection process. Otherwise, use an ostensible, plain text link.

Some examples:

finishing linking to