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All members of CC's staff are involved with our Jurisdiction Teams and our community outreach and building efforts. If you have general questions about existing or future Jurisdiction Teams, our community activities, or about our license porting or translation processes, please email [to be announced].

Here are some of our wonderful staff and volunteers who are regularly involved with the global CC community.

Nathan Kinkade

Kinkade.jpg nkinkade[at]creativecommons[dot]org ; User:Nkinkade

Nathan is the Web Engineer for CC and handles everything tech related for the international CC community. Nathan helps jurisdictions with obtaining sub-domain names and getting the right tools to build jurisdiction specific websites. He also checks how Jurisdiction Teams use various tech tools to ensure the use complies with Creative Commons policies. Learn more about Nathan.

Chiaki Hiyashi

Chiaki.png chiaki[at]creativecommons[dot]org

Chiaki is the Asian Projects Coordinator. She is the person to contact if you want to find out about Creative Commons events in Asian countries or if you are interested in getting involved with CC in an Asian country or in the region. Learn more about Chiaki.

Diane Peters

Dpeters.jpg diane[at]creativecommons[dot]org ; User:Diane Peters

Diane is CC's General Counsel and also oversees all international work at Creative Commons. She supervises the license porting and translation projects. Among other things, Diane reviews and approves all ported license drafts, and gives the final approval to begin public discussion and launch the final licenses. She is also the point person for all legal agreements between Creative Commons and members of the Jurisdiction Teams. Learn more about Diane.

Michelle Thorne

Mthorne.jpg michelle[at]creativecommons[dot]org ; User:Michelle Thorne

Michelle is CC's Project Manager. She works closely with Jurisdiction Teams around the world, providing guidance at all stages of team formation, porting and community building. Michelle is a great resource for questions relating to the creation of and work done by Jurisdiction Teams. She is also the point person for the public discussion phase of porting. Learn more about Michelle.

Donatella Della Ratta

Donatella.png donatella[at]creativecommons[dot]org

Dona is the Arab World Media and Development Manager. She is the person to contact if you want to find out about Creative Commons events in the Arab World or if you are interested in getting involved with CC in a country within the Arab World or in the region. Learn more about Dona.

Aurelia J. Schultz

AJSheadshot.png aurelia[at]creativecommons[dot]org ; User:Aurelia Schultz

Aurelia serves as Counsel for CC. She assists Michelle with providing guidance to forming Jurisdiction Teams and assists Diane with reviewing license drafts during the porting processes. She also coordinates CC activities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more about Aurelia.