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Applicants: OUIINO LTD
Affiliation: Across Educational World, USA (
CC affiliated? No
Coordinator: John Olumide Oladele
Project Start: 2010/09/01
Project End: 2011/08/30
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Describe the project you are proposing as clearly as possible in just five sentences.

EduOuiConnect is an educational project targeted at the learning community in Nigeria.Due to the low level of quality education in the country,EduOuiConnect seeks innovative approach to arrest the falling standard of education in the country.EDUouiCONNECT is a conceptual framework that focuses on BETTER EDUCATION CONTENT DISTRIBUTION and CONSUMPTION PARADIGMS needed to catalyse the current gap in the Nigerian education sector.

Detail the tangible project output (e.g., paper, blog post, written materials, video/film, etc.; this would be in addition to the final written report that successful grant recipients will be expected to deliver to CC at the conclusion of the project).

The tangible project output will include ICT infrastructure for knowledge, collaboration, faculty development and other digital asset management within initially selective schools in Nigeria.The result of project will be available to the public through any medium the parties involved in the project choose.For example, OUIINO on its part intends to do a documentary on the success of the project based on the success of the pilot scheme.

Describe the community you are targeting. How would the project benefit the community?

In the long run, we are targeting the Nigerian learning community.The Nigerian learning environment has been plagued by factors such as inadequate funding, falling standards of education,lack of strategies to arrest the dwindling educational standard. Hence,with the implementation of EduOuiconnect,it is our belief that the community will benefit greatly because the project studies best practices in other emerging/developing countries and uses it as a template for its work.Thus, we foresee an improvement in the standard of education,increase in the ICT skills of our target community since ICT is an important aspect of the />

What is your relationship with the community you are targeting? Why are you the best individual/organization to lead this project? Do you have prior experience in related projects?

.EDUouiConnect has identified with the MDG goal of providing free and quality education for all by 2015.As stakeholders in the development of our nation, OUIINO developed the EduouiConnect project.To this end, we have have started preparation towards a pilot phase with Across World Educational Company as our partners and a private secondary in Nigeria that has identified and believes in our project. We know that we are the best organization that can lead this project because 1.Government is limited in capacity, hence its necessary for social organizations to augment government's efforts. 2. Most Private organizations that could have played the role of social organizations place profit as a priority before social benefits. Hence, OUIINO LTD stands out as an organization that places social benefit before profit.

How will you measure and evaluate your project’s impact - on your main participants? Other contributors? On the larger community?

TheEDUouiCONNECT foresees a future where: •Education will be as interesting as entertainment(Edutainment generation of EduOuiConnect Learning Community) •The success rate of studentsincreases at a minimum rate of at least 15% from year to year •The ICT orientation of the learning community jumps at a moderate rate of 10% from year to year •Saturation of free and relevant educational materials.Thus,no student will be denied the privileged of learning resources. •Students will explore and research more and thus,make an impact on their immediate community.

How many participants do you expect to be involved in your project? How will you seek and sustain their involvement?

We are expect local and international participants.To this end, Across World Education Company, our potential partners is laying the ground work in order to secure international partners.Also, we are working towards providing resources to cover on site visit and assessment of the local scope of work.

Describe how your project will benefit Creative Commons' mission to increase the amount of creativity (cultural, educational, and scientific content) in "the commons".

EduOuiConnect's vision is clearly in line with the MDG goal of education for all by 2015.To this end, we believe the mission of Creative Commons which centers around creativity, free content will greatly benefit our target audience.Thus, this will encourage creativity amongst the learning community within our project scope in terms of giving them a platform to be innovative in using and contributing to creative commons resources.

Describe what technologies and tools your project will use. What kinds of technical skills and expertise do you bring to the project? What are your technical needs?

EduOuiConnect intends to use open software such as android netbooks.OUIINO intends to 1.provide local and institutional expertise to expedite and support all project and its related activities. 2. Provide expertise and advice on methods and administrative procedures that address the academic requirements and content specific to the local state and national environment of the Project. 3. Provide technical and service management of the project in relation to the existing infrastructure

What challenges do you expect to face, and how do you plan to overcome them?

We expect to face challenges from the traditional status quo which hinders creativity and new forms of learning.Thus,having identified this challenges,we intend to garner support from government, gain the trust of the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of corporate organizations and engage them as partners to the project.Thus,we believe that a formidable and strategic with corporate and public organization will to a large extent help in overcoming this obstacle

How do you plan to sustain your project after the Creative Commons funding has ended? Detail specific plans. How do you plan to raise revenue to continue your efforts in the future?

We have identified various forms sustaining funding for ongoing support of the project and they are: 1.Garnering support from the CSR arm of corporate organizations by engaging them as partners to this project. 2. Paid Conference/exhibition 3. Government Support. 4.Individual donor Support 5.Adverts placement such as providing free branded educational resources to some members of the community such as pens etc

How can this project be scalable, or have a scalable impact?

With the success of the pilot phase, the EduOuiConnect is set to break into new frontiers.With no existing system in place to arrest the declining standard of education in the country,we'll be able to influence state Government Ministry of Education to adopt the EduOuiConnect system into its framework.Thus,the speed of scalability will be faster and spread across a wider audience.

What resources and support do you expect Creative Commons to provide to your project to ensure its success (if any)?

EduOuiConnect also seeks means to provide an alternative publishing platform for its learning community.Thus, we seek the support of Creative Commones in providing licenses for this "alternative" publishing platform.

Describe how your organization currently communicates with its community members and network partners. (100 words)

Currently we are in talks with Across World Educational Company and with their help, we are working towards a global awareness conference that will take place in September in Nigeria and also a teacher's training confernce that will take place in October.The main aim of the conference is to launch the pilot phase of the EduOuiConnect project and gain public approval of the project.Thus, we plan to invite the public sector such as Government parastatals , private sector such as CEOs of various private firms in the country and various stakeholders in the educational sector of the country.