Grants/Avbi personal : budget tax advisor web tool for Guatemala

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Avbi personal  : budget+ tax+advisor web tool for Guatemala

Applicants: Alejandro velasquez
Affiliation: none
CC affiliated? No
Contact: Alejandro velasquez
Coordinator: Alejandro Velasquez
Project Start: 2010/08/01
Project End: 2010/12/31

Download budget Discussion

Describe the project you are proposing as clearly as possible in just five sentences.

a financial planning tool (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, tax reporting, advisor) to facilitate today's problem of tax reporting and stimulate proper use of credit, spending and saving future income through a open source web application for individuals.

Detail the tangible project output (e.g., paper, blog post, written materials, video/film, etc.; this would be in addition to the final written report that successful grant recipients will be expected to deliver to CC at the conclusion of the project).

web application ,web site, blog, manuals, video tutorials.

Describe the community you are targeting. How would the project benefit the community?

every individual or tax payer from Guatemala , it will benefit helping individuals minimize the struggle with debt and tax reporting through expenditure and income awareness, help them through advice and software tools hence less penalization for not knowing the how to of taxes and />

What is your relationship with the community you are targeting? Why are you the best individual/organization to lead this project? Do you have prior experience in related projects?

i am a tax payer so im part of that community and have grown in a system that requires tax paying but does not provide the appropriate tools. I am a software developer and have been working over the past 8 years on custom made software for medium and small business which relate to accounting , sales, inventory and related topics which have given the experience to understand the system and what we are lacking hense propose the mentioned proyect.

How will you measure and evaluate your project’s impact - on your main participants? Other contributors? On the larger community?

monitoring tools on the web application , polls , surveys, blogs, social media, newsletter, website

How many participants do you expect to be involved in your project? How will you seek and sustain their involvement?

after a accomplishing a 3 month promoting plan the goal is to register 500 users (167/month) then sustain their involvement through stimulating their interest in being constant so they can see the their future results and obtain the needed advise and tax reports which are presented Monthly / Quarterly. Also including service and utility providers data ( through api’s) to increase interest of having as most information as possible in one tool .

Describe how your project will benefit Creative Commons' mission to increase the amount of creativity (cultural, educational, and scientific content) in "the commons".

once implemented we will reach the end user , and others like the tax agency, universities and will be possible to spread the understanding of open source licensing with the web tool, manuals and other material.

the aim is to set an example (other than internet examples) of creativity made by involving the culture of Guatemala in education on economics through a computer science solution in "the commons" way, available for the public to use. for example we can start inviting software developers for the connections with service/utility providers (api's) or home economy specialist for white papers , articles.

Describe what technologies and tools your project will use. What kinds of technical skills and expertise do you bring to the project? What are your technical needs?

technologies:Apache/php/mysql (open source types licenses) for developing the web application , installed in a server and with internet connection.

i am a freelancer working in computers since 1995 as a technician, educator, developer and webmaster , currently focused on php web applications.

What challenges do you expect to face, and how do you plan to overcome them?

two challenges , defining the proper security architecture and the synchronization of the offline tool to be updated with online new features and changes. the plan to overcome them is to analyze possible solutions and to investigate similar existing examples.

How do you plan to sustain your project after the Creative Commons funding has ended? Detail specific plans. How do you plan to raise revenue to continue your efforts in the future?

1. making a banner system to sell advertisement which will be used not only to sell but to explain to possible clients the open source type and that they are helping others. 2. sponsors and/or investors. 3. make a pro version for business that can include a crm and cms.

How can this project be scalable, or have a scalable impact?

Monitoring can allow us to do a scalability load study to see how to scale horizontally , more servers other locations, replication, clustering. scaling vertically we can add a for example an option so people can pay their services on line incorporate tax collection agency to approach a certain need. Administrative scalability because through sponsors various organizations can sponsor money and knowledge for example a university in economics or management in a geographic scale at first it would start in the capital then scale to main cities then the hole country.

What resources and support do you expect Creative Commons to provide to your project to ensure its success (if any)?

Other than the grant cant think of any.

Describe how your organization currently communicates with its community members and network partners. (100 words)

none currently . the plan is to use social media tools, then through a site to publish the main information and support with a blog to answer specific questions and a newsletter with updates information , articles, tutorials, recommendations about the web tool and or budget topics .