Goodnight Sofia

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Revision as of 20:17, 13 April 2013 by Jorn (talk | contribs) (A girl, after suffering a serious loss, goes trough the empty streets of a town far away. She's alone and hurt. The sounds and lights of the city take her into a journey within herself, at the roots o)
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{{#ifeq:Leonardo Moro||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Director:{{#ifeq:Leonardo Moro Lorenzo Robusti||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Producer:{{#ifeq:FeatureFilm||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Film Type:{{#ifeq:"vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Main URL:{{#ifeq:"vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|IMDB URL:{{#ifeq:BBM film||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Distributer:{{#ifeq:2012||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Release Date:{{#ifeq:||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|License:{{#ifeq:"vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|CC-Licensed Version:{{#ifeq:60||||style="vertical-align: top;" width="20%"|Length (minutes):

Name:=Goodnight Sofia
director:=Leonardo Moro}}
producer:=Leonardo Moro Lorenzo Robusti}}
filmtype::FeatureFilm }}
distributer:=BBM film}}

|free text=}}