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* Please add more suggestions here :)
* Please add more suggestions here :)
* [[GnomeMockUps]]

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This is just a draft made of ideas to integrate Creative Commons licenses into the Gnome Desktop. A software repository has been created to host all patches and plugins still not accepted in the different projects. If you have any patch or piece of code which it's useful to the integration, send it to me (acidborg@gmail.com) and I'll upload it to the repository (only GPL code accepted).

Find CC licensed contents

Publish CC licensed content

Applications aware of CC licenses

Applications which could easily become aware of CC licenses


  • Improve of Libcclicense to make easy to write CC aware applications.
  • Send bug reports to applications which could easily become aware of CC licenses. This could be done using Bugzilla.
  • Send patches to existing Gnome applications to add CC licenses interaction using Bugzilla.
  • Please add more suggestions here :)