Global Summit 2015/Presentations & Notes

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Wednesday Oct 14

CC Affiliate MiniConference

Thursday Oct 15

Friday Oct 16

Saturday Oct 17

  • Welcome & Opening Remarks
    • Michael Carrol
  • Copyright reform and the role of Creative Commons - Julia Reda
  • CC Affiliates Policies Hands-On - John Weitzmann
  • Creative Commons and the Future of Design: The 3D and Hardware Commons
    • How will CC shape the future of design? - Jane Park
    • Mahmoud Abu-Wardeh
    • A pick into open hardware - Tomoaki Watanabe
    • Michael Weinberg
  • Jump-starting commons advocacy and copyright reform
    • Delia Browne, Paul Keller, Claudio Ruiz, Maira Sutton, Alek Tarkowski, Timothy Vollmer
  • The Vibrant and Social Commons: Designing for User Engagement
    • Ryan Merkley, Jane Park, Eric Steuer
  • Rights Statements, the Public Domain Mark, and Blockchain: Extending the CC infrastructure
  • Open Licensing Education and Advocacy - Tools and Tactics for Communicating with Decisionmakers
    • Meredith Jacob
  • Affiliates 2.0 - CC as a true network organisation followup discussion
    • Paul Keller, Alek Tarkowski
  • Open Hardware and Design: Solutions for Licensing Rights Beyond Copyright and Open Hardware Certification
  • Closing Keynote - Carolina Botero, Tobias Schonwetter
  • Wrap-up Summary - Ryan Merkley