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Summit venue

The Global Summit will take place at the Centro Cultural General San Martín, located on Sarmiento 1551, between Paraná and Montevideo streets, in the City of Buenos Aires. The Center is located in the heart of the city and it is a walking distance from the hotel.

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Additional venues

  • More information coming soon.


  • More information coming soon.

General information about Buenos Aires


Food, drink, entertainment in Buenos Aires

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Visa requirements

Here you will find a detailed list of countries that need Visa to get into Argentina. However, you should confirm this information on the website of the Minister of Interior and Transport of Argentina. If you determine you do need a visa, you may request a visa support letter from Creative Commons and the conference organisers here.

Country Diplomatic or service passport Standard or regular passport
Australia Yes No
Austria No No
Azerbaijan No Yes
Belgium No No
Brazil No No
Bulgaria No No
Canada Yes No
Chile No No
China Mainland No Yes
Colombia No No
Costa Rica No No
Croatia No No
Cszech Republic No No
Denmark No No
Ecuador No No
Egypt No Yes
Estonia No No
Finland No No
France No No
Georgia Yes Yes
Germany No No
Greece No No
Guatemala No No
Hong Kong No No
Hungary No No
Iceland No No
Indonesia No Yes
Ireland Yes No
Israel No No
Italy No No
Japan No No
Kenya Yes Yes
Lebanon Yes Yes
Lithuania No No
Luxembourg No No
Macau No No
Macedonia Yes No
Malaysia No No
Mexico No No
Netherlands No No
New Zealand No No
Nigeria Yes Yes
Norway No No
Paraguay No No
Peru No No
Philippines No Yes
Poland No No
Portugal No No
Puerto Rico Yes No
Qatar Yes Yes
Romania No No
Russia No No
Rwanda Yes Yes
Serbia No No
Singapore No No
Slovakia No No
Slovenia No No
South Africa No No
South Korea No No
Spain No No
Sweden No No
Switzerland No No
Syria Yes Yes
Taiwan Yes Yes
Tanzania Yes Yes
Thailand No No
UK: England and Wales No No
UK: Scotland No No
Uganda Yes Yes
Uruguay No No
Ukraine No No
Venezuela No No
Vietnam No Yes